The Types of Pedal for Electric Guitar

Effect pedal or guitar pedal is a device that can change sound from electric guitar and it can create different sounds and different effects to guitar. If you are a person who love guitar and music it is sure you know about this device. With the guitar pedal you can understand that it was used to change sound for electric guitar. Many guitar players said that if they didn’t have this equipment their guitar would be only a guitar that is added micro.

It could be said that this is a new conception, especial the beginners. However if you pay a little attention you can see that the pedal was associated with guitar. There are many ways to classify pedal. You can divide according to function, group or active principle. But it is fast and easy to understand that the pedal is classified according to function. If you apply this way, you are able to divide two types of pedal: Multi effect pedal and compact pedal.

The most of multi effect now usually use Digital technology, especial Effect of Digitech. This is able to help you to combine many and abundant functions on the pedal that is compact, but the output signal is changing so much due to characteristic of the encoding and decoding of audio signals. This is also a reason why there are many people who don’t like Digital in the music.

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