How to Choose the Best String for Acoustic Guitar (Part 1)

Some of you new guitar cord guitar often think that would also be the same and replace string would in not important or guitar string as possible, the better the sound quality. However, when you use to be a time, it was still off or reduce the sound values need to be changed to make you think you’re buying poor quality goods. In fact the problem was very simple because you choose the strings do not match your guitar, the more important thing is not the more expensive string then sounds as possible or that it depends on your guitar with guitar cords appropriate? The following articles we will together find out the types of guitar strings, hopefully the article will bring up useful knowledge for you to use the guitar properly. (You can read review about the best acoustic guitar strings in the music of our website).


  • You Own the Type of Acoustic Guitar?

The design of the guitar will determine very much the choice guitar strings. Some beginner play guitar acoustic guitar, knew also the different body design. There are 4 main types:
– Dreadnought (D shape) is one of the most popular acoustic style, mainly used to buffer very good bass and sing because park depositories, health, postpartum depression.
– Grand auditorium: the smaller on the hip forums, offer the best handling, the moderate, more treble, less bass, not abating, best choice for fingerstyle.
– Grand concert: similar to grand auditorium on the hip joint, a smaller guitar.
– Jumbo: body design will determine the proper guitar cord size. Usually the average size type will fit most types had dreadnought design as guitar. Lightweight type shall suit designed as acoustic grand auditorium.
  • The Style of the Music And Style of Guitar Playing You?

– In addition to the classic style and traditional guitar technique, the finger style guitar is an art also are a lot of people pursue. I can understand the finger style are the techniques used to play guitar, made for a lively music by many of the sounds emitted by the player using your hand the impact on each part of the guitar. This meant that a player’s music as there are many types of instruments involved.
– The majority of the current guitarist both play finger style acoustic through. If you pursue this guitar technique should use iron wire. But when playing acoustic guitar in iron wire players will hurt the hand better than steel strings, the sound has an offset more wine. If you’re strumming technique exercises then should select guitar strings have a diameter of and the average size is best.
  • The Experience of the Longtime Guitar Player

– New: guitar should use low tension in a time 6 months to 1 year.
Beginners guitar: should use low tension to start to familiarize with the guitar, after a time when guitar strings used to then change through normal, or hard tension.
– With acoustic guitar players then when new guitarist, after a period of playing type low or super light tension, you should switch to playing hard or extra tension to force training fingers, stars for the fingers supple, comfortable.
  • Some Small Note When Picking Acoustic Guitar Strings

– Material wires guitar has 3 main materials: bronze, phosphor bronze, silk and steel.
– Copper wire is sometimes called the 80/20 bronze because they are made of 80% copper and 20% zinc. They can be used for all styles of guitar. This type of guitar strings have a bright sound but will quickly subside after a few hours of play. Copper wire is the wire that is typically used for.
– Phosphor bronze wire is copper wire more phosphor. It can also be used for all styles of guitar. This type has a warm sound and echoes more than copper wire.
– Silk and steel strings create a mellow sound. This type is less pressure on guitar, just used for the special guitar. Sound quieter and unstable with 2 wire on but easier to play.
– If you want the guitar sound like a certain band, find select guitar strings types they use.
– If your guitar is very old or classical, you may need to repair or buy guitar strings type lighter.
– For beginners playing guitar, we recommend using the type of copper wire or copper wire light phosphor.
  • Characteristics of the Type of Guitar Strings

– Low tension: rich, echoes loud and very classical. Tremolo (this is a technique of classical guitar): use a type of low tension, the tremolo will steadily. Vibrate rope, wire rope, for easier grabbing my very pasty. Guest flock to be lighter, good emotion. Pressed wire, the wire will not be blurry through other wire.
– Hard tension: many of the treble sounds, clear, quick, incisive sound. Wire ropes, hooks pressed, sounds heard gentle and plump.
– Normal tension: the most neutral, between low and hard tension. This is the most commonly used type.

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