What to Look for When Choosing Delay Pedals

First of all, to choose the best delay pedal, you have to know which your using demands are. Or I can also say you need answer two main and important following questions such as which kind is the best one? How do you can find the best model even more?  Besides, it need to be combined with the following features for choosing the best model:

1. Select the Right Type

     Whether you would like to purchase a cheap or expensive model, you have to know clearly all of information about the selected one firstly. As you knew, there are 3 basic models: the analog, digital and tape delay pedals.
     The tape delay pedal is one of products owning processor depends on tube for power. Because of being made from magnetic tape, its sound quality is very famous for nature. However, to take this benefit, its price tags as well as maintenance are quite high. What is more, the investment for all of bucks are very worthy.
     The analog delay pedal is the best replacement for the tape one because it can provide you the wonderful nature sound. However, it has not been the completely a perfect choice due to it is not equipped full for meeting the using demand offering the longer time about 300 – 400 milliseconds. There is only exception is Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy about six hundred milliseconds.
     The digital model is the most common delay pedal today because of its capacity of offering the longer time of delay and strong echo effect in order to create a perfect combination for composers and guitarists. Although this can be a difficulty for critics who do not listen the ‘au naturel’ too much, you will recognize quickly it is really a worthy investment.

2. The Count Of ‘Keys’ And ‘Knobs’

     It is time for you to put your ‘Mathlete’ helmet down for beginning to count the delay pedal’s knobs and key. If you want to have a simple and basic finding way, at least you must consider 3 following aspects: feedback, level and time.
     Firstly, with the feedback: Today, you are able to purchase a guitar delay pedal attached to indefinite feedbacks so this aspect will help you determine how long you would like to last yours.
     Next, with the level, this special knob or key will help players control and set volume as their demand from their model. Even some of them are capacity of offering players the higher volume level than the original sound.
     Finally, the time is also called “range”. It can help you determine the timeframe between the original guitar tone and the delay. For example, the digital delay pedal is designed for the capacity of time about 800 milliseconds. Today, the manufacturers have improved it so it is quite easy for you to find out some models allowing you to delay over 5 seconds.

3. Add the Extra Important Keys to Your List

     Whether you choose a cheap or expensive model, there are always some extra keys which you would like to add the selected guitar delay pedal such as the pan and tone knobs. Firstly, your model seems to be installed a treble controlling device. Moreover, it is very essential and difficult for players to keep the main tone in focal point so this is solution. Its pan knob is considered as an echo-directing one that means it can help you determine the right or left direction that you would like to be through once utilizing a stereo amplifier.

4. Compare the Unique Qualities Together

     If you pay attention carefully, I am sure that you will look for every guitar delay pedal’s the special and unique features or qualities. For instance, some of them have the opposite options allowing you to play each delay by means of reversing. Likewise, the ‘ping-pong’ options help you bounce delays following the right or left directions as your requirement.

5. Find Out the Looper 

     It is one of essential options when you intend to purchase a guitar delay pedal because looper is ‘standalone’ or “build-in”. Depending on the using demand of each individual player, you can choose the most suitable one. For example, with the limited economic condition, you need a cheaper delay pedal, the build-in model ought to be considered due to this type of guitar delay pedal often supports the basic looping option about 40 seconds in length at an average time thanks to the super impose facility. Meanwhile, the standalone delay pedal supports a variety of looping options from basic to high-end ones.

6. Get An Eye for the Hold

Do you want to go on an infinite phase? The hold option like Boss DD3 will help you perform this.

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