The Accessories Guitar Player Need Have


Many people who often ask: which accessories do we need to buy when playing guitar? There many people think that playing guitar they just have a guitar that is well.

In the fact that you want to learn guitar or play guitar, the guitar is like any musical instruments. It is always necessary to have included accessories that are used to support for playing guitar and create many type of music and make abundant your music.

When you have enough accessories you can be creative and interested in learn guitar. Do you know the accessories help the sound of guitar become more multiform?

The accessories like: tuner, strings, guitar pick, guitar capo, music stand, Ampli guitar, guitar pedal, cable…

So today we will told about some typical accessories, that help you to understand more about playing guitar, especial if you want to play guitar professionally so you can’t lack of these accessories. It is just guitar pedal that is important in the show. So we see what we know about this device and we need which tool or accessories to support pedal effectively.

1. The Guitar Pedal

If you are learning guitar with normal purpose as entertainment or learn playing so you don’t need to have a guitar pedal. But you have good playing level, you will think about performing and it is sure that you cannot lack of it. If you said that you just need a guitar and micro and speaker so I think you don’t have enough knowledge about playing guitar. But it is able to occur but if you have good Ampli and Mixer to treat the sound well, which often has in the big music show. If not you should use the guitar pedal that is a great solution.

However, if you want to use pedal, you need play electric guitar that is capable to match with the guitar pedal. The guitar pedal has many types and there are many effects. If you often use abundant effect in your guitar show you had better to prepare many pedal. In addition to you can choose a compact pedal because it is able to save old effect and combine, mix many effects together.

You cannot lack of some following things to guitar and guitar pedal that are able to do and act well:

  • Cable

It is simple a wire that is used to transform signal form guitar to pedal and to expand sound, the last the sound signal is out a speaker. It transforms the sound that is expanded and adjusted following effect of pedal. When you buy an amplifier or the guitar pedal, you need to match between guitar and other accessories.

  • The speaker

Moreover you cannot lack of a speaker. Although you play guitar on the small room of any shops or in the big room, you really need one speaker at least, if you have two speakers that create more abundant sound.

When speaker match with pedal that helps the sound from the guitar become professional and effect help to change sound with many melody such as distortion, wah wah, higher, or warmer…

2. Structure of the Guitar Pedal

It has 6 typical part, when you look at it you will see them be simple. Looking through it has: switch or pedal, adjusting part and plug of input and plug of output.
  • The sound from guitar is through cable and two plugs of cable that match form guitar to input. It is called the pedal receive signal. Beside the pedal is used to piano or any other musical instruments.

  • With the one pedal you just have one effect that the manufacture set up before buying that is multi pedal and have many effect, each effect is one pedal. So the adjust system of the pedal is different. But if you use the compact pedal that has many effect and has ability of combine different effect and different amp.

  • Output part is matched with ampli to expand sound and transform to speaker so if you want to use the pedal, you should have ampli that supports for volume lever higher.

  • Pedal of guitar pedal or switch: it has function to be on or off the pedal by your foot. When playing guitar and use pedal you must put pedal below you so using your foot to change sound of guitar that is completely suitable.

The guitar player who has many knowledge they always appreciate pedal in their performance. It is a great tool for creating good sound that many singers who sing together. You just use foot on pedal which makes change sound of sing and guitar. It creates different tone and allows sing automatic and octave sing…

We are sure the audiences is surprised and interesting when they are enjoying the sound of chorus, fanciful sound of echo and many good voices and you are in the show with your guitar.

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