The Notes You Should Know About Amp and Effect of Guitar Pedal

It is usual for the beginners to have some problems about the guitar pedal. Such as:
  • They shouldn’t buy what guitar pedal that can help them adjusting sound like their icons.
  • They don’t have right knowledge about the effect pedal that leads to buy too many pedals or short of guitar pedals.
  • How cost? And they don’t have enough money.
So what do they do to buy a suit kit of guitar pedal and fit to their money wallet.
The first, you need to know function of type of guitar pedal, and what is pedal, what is amp. You need a guitar and a pedal that is perfect. The amp is understood like part of expand sound power. You can compare amp of electric guitar to guitar box of box guitar. The both have important role in making sound of guitar. There are many artists and guitar players who just use a guitar and pedal and other pedals is used for add abundant voice.

1. The Pedal Design

Usually, the pedal incudes parts: preamp -> EQ or stack tone -> Fx loop-> expand sound power -> speaker.

2. The Preamp

The preamp is used to expand signal from input to any level and transform to expand sound power do. It seems complicated but this example help you understand clearly about basic functions of preamp.

Example: it is supposed that you have one microcomputer speaker, one ipod and one micro. When you pitch plug of speaker on ipod, and your Ipod is playing, speaker would show sound and voice from Ipod. But if you pitch plug of micro on the speaker you couldn’t hear any voice. Because the signal from micro that has yet been expanded to go to speaker.
The second function of preamp makes the typical sound. Every different amp producer has different ways to design preamp, and for different sound. We can tell about 3 the producer names that are famous and popular: Fender – specialize with clean sound, Marshall – specialize with overdriver sound and Mesa Boogie – specialize dist sound.

3. The EQ

It is adjust sound becoming sharp for amp.

4. The FX loop

This is stranger conception to beginner. It isn’t clear to us. We are able to explain simply: in the types of guitar pedal, they aren’t all that are pitched pedal early and firstly. The pedal such as:  compressor, dist. EQ, overdriver that often use pitching front of amp and other pedals such as FX, delay, chorus, reverb, flanger that use pitching behind of preamp and front of expand sound power part. They has the map like this:
Guitar -> pedal 1-> preamp -> EQ -> Pedal2 -> expend sound power.
So FX loop is just place where you can pitch pedal 2. FX loop often incudes 2 jack plug: send and return. Send is used to lay on signal from preamp to pedal 2, and Return is used to lay on signal from pedal 2 to amp.

5. The Power

It isn’t less important to preamp, and have important role in making typical sound for amply, especial amply uses light. When telling about power amp, the first people care its type: class A, AB, single end or push pull. Every type gives one sound that is very typical such as: the class A or single end gives clean sound.
Then the light is used for amply. The amply has origin from America that is 6V6 for low power and 6L6 for high power and the amply is from England that use EL84 and EL34. And if you change light of different producers it brings different sound.
The power amp act over power it makes distorted sound. The overdriver sound of power light is distorted but it seems more dynamic and stronger feeling.

6. The Speaker

Maybe everyone knows speaker when it is told. It includes speaker web, speaker box that contribute quality of sound, guitar is too.
The first it is type of speaker. The rocker often like celestion V-30, but the when play classic rock they prefer greenback. Quantity of speaker is important, it is often 2 , 4 or 8 speakers for abundant volume and different sound.
If you prefer strong rock so it is minimum with 2 speakers. If you play jazz and blues you can use one speaker. The material quality made speaker is very important. The material is better it gives better sound.
In short, you need to have 3 parts: preamp, power amp and cabinet you can have sound that you want.
But, it has a problem, if you want good sound you need quality guitar and pedal. it is about $500 cheap and $1000 for overage. And you need how to use and maintain pedal, it is complicated.
Every guitar pedal is used with one or three different effect, so the player need to define type of music that you like and you are able to buy a suitable amp, pedal for you. You don’t use one pedal for every effect, so if you want to play many type of music you should buy many pedals. Moreover you need add micro, preamp, speaker…it isn’t easy to move.

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