The Information You Need to Know About the Guitar Pedal

Do you ask this question: why can the guitar band on the stage play guitar and sing well that you are able to do although you tried more and more? Or when you drink coffee or a little of wine, you listened to music from guitar of the man, but that sound was different to you did. It maybe is more wah wah or higher or repeated.
If you are wondering so you should be read this article to self – find the answer for you. The professional guitar players have good, expert guitar playing skills, in addition to they understand about music theory and they has a small tip for good sound with guitar, that is just guitar pedal which can be lack of in the musical concert program.
The guitar pedal has an important function in the guitar show, especial the drinking shop and club or those who want to make music video. It has function of adjusting and transforming sound that is received from input to output with the loader, higher sound.

1. What is Guitar Pedal

The guitar pedal is a sound adjusting device. It receives directly sound from electric guitar. And the sound would pass a transforming system and make change typical sound or first sound. Then it gives changed sound at output. It can be speaker or any devices that is able to create sound.
The guitar pedal is designed with an adjusting system and switches that you can use your foot to turn on or off. And you donít need to use your hand, and still change sound of guitar, which makes more perfect sound. A guitar pedal just has 2 sockets that are in and out. Input receives signal form guitar and output gives signal to speaker.
There are 2 main types of pedals: multi pedal and compact pedal that we told at previous article.  They have different functions and different characters. To choice of pedal, it depends on everyoneís favorite or experience to adjust effect and Amp that is suitable your purpose of playing guitar.
The guitar pedal has many called names: pedal, Fuzz or EffectÖ Today we would tell about multi pedal that is used in the small show and it is belong to the nonprofessional player.

2. The Effect of Guitar Pedal

  • Dynamic effect: This is a popular effect, its purpose is making higher of volume level that is from the electric guitar. This effect makes sound to become clear and help audience to be easy listen in the crowd or the coffee shop room. This is the simplest effect in the effects.
  • Distortion effect: This is an effect that makes altering sound from guitar most. It brings a fierce sound for listeners. And we can have stranger feeling in the music of guitar. The effect is used the type of music, in that there is rock and rockers like so much. This sound is often warm and dried and a bit tough. But the gain and overdrive gives clean sound and at low volume level and they make distortion of sound. There are many type of distortion pedal but all they are the same ways to create sound resonant.
  • Wah wah effect: this is an enjoyable effect for listeners. This sound is similar to voice but it is the fact which is combined Amp and changed from sound signal of musical instrument. With this new sound it makes your song become more interesting. In other case, with many different songs, you would use this effect to be suitable to that song.
  • Delay effect: do you understand? If not letís listen to rock song. This effect is used by rocker, because it helps sound to be echoed to space and creates better music feeling.  It is often delay during two seconds, although it sometimes loses high frequencies. It is use in the chorus of songs.
  • Flanger effect: This effect makes speed faster or slower of duplicate signal. This sound likes the sound that is created  from a DJ who is use one finger on the tape. The sound will be made faster or slow down.
  • Multi-effects: this effect that is combined from many other effects. You can use the simple effect to the difficult effect that is combined suitable to your song and your purpose.  The multi-effect is fit to the big show or the big performance. And that sound is appreciated because of the difficult, complicated effect. It requires the player to play guitar skill fluently about the adjusting effects and understanding music. The flanger, Phaser, Chorus, TremoloÖare effect.
If you want to have guitar pedal for your plans so you should find it from the reputing shop or choose the big supply such as Amazon or Ebay, where you can choose the best things and put your belief on. Good luck!

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